What Can Employers Do To Improve The Jobs Market?

Within the jobs market in the UK in the present day there is huge competition for jobs especially in large cities such as London. Part of the reason for this is that there are less organisations overall that are actually recruiting. So as a result there may be less jobs to go around. However there are a number of different steps that employers can take to improve the jobs market for employees overall as well as the role itself.

The Application Stage

For many potential recruits of organisations , the most daunting stage of the application process can be the application stage. This is because at the first stage of the recruitment process it is not uncommon for many candidates to be told within hours that their application will not be progressing. This can be very demoralising for the applicants as often little to no feedback is given to them. This is normally due to two main factors. These are high volumes of applications and also people applying that are highly qualified for the role with lots of relevant qualifications.

Something employers could do in order to make this process easier for applicants is attempt to provide group or individual feedback to applicants so they can understand where they went wrong. Providing feedback to applicants is important and could lead to some of them reapplying again.

Further Steps Employers Can Take

As well as providing feedback to applicants where possible there are other further steps that employers can take. One of these steps is ensuring that the job description posted for the role is as detailed as possible and takes into account exactly what the employer is looking for. A big issue within the recruitment process is often employers and organisations may make their job descriptions too general or vague. This means that they will attract applications from far larger numbers of applicants than expected. Furthermore the employer may have to re advertise the post again in order to attract the right applicants for the role.

What Can Applicants Do To Prepare Themselves For The World Of Work?

In order for applicants to prepare themselves for the working world there are a number of different steps that they can take. One crucial step that applicants should take is rewriting their CV. Although rewriting a CV can be a monotonous task, having an up to date and relevant CV can make a real and positive difference when applying to different positions online.

As well as doing this when applying to different roles wherever possible applicants should try to personalise the cover letter to the role relating to their skills and qualifications in order to get the best chance of getting hired overall.

Overall Conclusions

To conclude there is a lot that can be changed within the recruitment market in order to improve the experience for employers as well as applicants alike. What is clear is that the recruitment process needs reform and employers need to better prepared for the number of applications they receive and how they can respond to them.