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Tarmac Driveways | Driveway Options for Your Home

When it comes to driveways people are always looking for the right balance between aesthetic and durability. There are different options when it comes to driveway solutions and it can be difficult to choose one.

This article is about everything from crushed stone to tarmac driveways, and will hopefully give you an insight into what kind of driveway is the best fit for your home.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete is an extremely popular choice when it comes to driveways. It’s one of the cheaper methods and has incredible durability. Concrete is made to last and the appearance of it can even be customised. It can be stamped or dyed to change the colour, texture or richness. Many people augment it to make it look more expensive than it is.

Concrete does come with a pretty major problem – especially if you live in the UK or a country of a similar climate. Concrete can be affected by extremely cold weather.

Brick Driveways

Brick driveways have been a favourite of many homeowners and businesses for a very long time. Brick driveways are aesthetically unique as well as coming in a variety of colours and can be fitted with custom designs that don’t look like any other type of driveway.

One of the only complaints that come with brick driveways is that they are expensive.

Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac driveways are an extremely popular choice, they are quick and easy to install and maintain. Compared to brick it is a cheaper solution. An additional benefit that not many people know is that because the surface is black, it can actually help melt away the snow.

Although tarmac driveways don’t have many options when it comes to colour and customising them, you can sprues them up with a border.

tarmac driveways

Gravel Driveways

Gravel is a popular choice among those who are not looking to spend much money on their driveway. It’s widely available and easy to install making it one of the cheaper methods. Gravel can also come in a variety of colours which can help you to customise your driveway. Another good feature of a gravel driveway is that it excellent for drainage as water runs right off of it.

Gravel is essentially small rocks, which is not great for the removal of snow. You could also be at risk of potential accident or injury.

Crushed Stone Driveways

Crushed stone is similar to gravel, only crushed stone is much smoother. Crushed stone also offers flexibility when it comes to colour.

Crushed stone is also not great for snow removal.

Paver Driveways

Paver driveways give the wow factor when it comes to driveways. Usually made out of brick, concrete or natural stone. This method comes with variety when it comes to colour and design. Durability and longevity are also good.

The biggest issue that people have with it is the high cost to install it. It’s known to be one of the most expensive driveway solutions.