Staying One Step Ahead On The Job And Business Ladder

Employment and pay often come hand in hand but when one is disrupted it can have a significant impact on your general health , mental health , career prospects and overall well being. In this article we will look at the different steps you can take to help yourself move up the job ladder as well as to improve your business skills

Improving Your Skillset

Many people will say that education is a lifelong learning process and that you can learn something every day. There is some elements of truth to this. This is because throughout most people’s lives there are many opportunities to learn about different subjects as well as learn new skills which can help to equip them for the future.

Whenever you learn or gain a new skill it is always worth keeping a record of it somewhere so that you can show this to an employer and also feature it on your CV for prospective employers. A great through which you can improve your skillset overall is by doing a part time course at college. Doing a part time course means that you can gain extra skills and qualifications in your spare time which can help to further your career.

Managing The World Of Work

The world of work can be challenging as well as engaging and whilst you are making your way through your career it is important for you to have a good understanding of how you can be efficient in your role as well as effectively navigate the world of work overall.

An important thing to note about the world of work is that it can change without notice or indication depending on economic political and other circumstances. This is especially relevant to private sector workers. It is therefore important to have a plan in whilst in work should redundancy occur.

A good way in which to do this is to have work on the side or a way of making passive income in order to ensure that you have income even when emergencies occur.

Second Jobs/ Passive Income

As previously mentioned it can be highly beneficial to have a second job or alternative form of income in order to supplement your income. If you work full time a great way to earn extra income would be to get a second job on a zero hours contract. This job would allow you to work around your own schedule if there were shifts available at those times.

Typically this type of contract is associated with the hospitality as well as security industry due to the nature of the hours worked overall. A different way through which you can make passive income is by selling items online. Selling old items online such as video games , clothes and other misc items can help to generate you income.


Overall in conclusion it is clear that there is a need for most people to keep updating their skill set as well as generating new forms of income as the job market at the moment is volatile in the UK and subject to change.