Small Changes to Renovate Your Home

Replace the Front Door

A coat of paint can work wonders for any home, but if your front door is looking a bit worse for wear, it could be worth replacing it. Whether your house and your style is modern or traditional there will be a front door that can make a good first impression out there somewhere. You can even design your own with bespoke designs.

Hang Dramatic Panel Curtains

Unlined curtain panels are far easier to make than traditional curtains. They can also give a luxurious feel to a room. When colour coordinated with existing furniture they can be a great feature. You can usually pick up panel curtains for under £100.

Kitchen Tiles

As time goes by, kitchen tiles begin to look worn and dated, this is natural and even though a deep clean can be done, after a certain amount of time it will never go back to looking brand new. Replacing tiles can transform your kitchen by giving it a facelift and spruce up, without having to rip the full thing out and start again. Bold tiles can give the illusion of a high-cost design.

Design a Bespoke Rug

If your searching for the perfect rug but haven’t found the right design yet, then it may be time to research where you can get the rug of your dreams. Some bespoke rug design companies don’t come with the luxurious price tag but you may need to shop around.

Hang Chic Shutters

A pair of smart shutters can make a statement in any room. Not only do they provide privacy but can be a cool way to filter light.

Upgrade Your Shower

If the water pressure isn’t great, then it may not be as enjoyable going for a shower. Installing a pump can increase the water pressure and the thermostatic valve to maintain the temperature. This can drastically improve your experience.

Install Alcove Shelving

If you have a room with an alcove, then making the most of it by adding some shelving can completely transform the look of a room. Not only can it provide storage, it can also be used as a feature to put photos or knick-knacks on. If you have an alcove, it’s probably better to get the shelving custom made

Add a Skylight

Off-the-peg skylights are a great way to bring in light to rather gloomy areas of the top floor, at a considerably reasonable price.

Restore Original Floor Tiles

Old floor tiles don’t look as good as they did back in their day. They will often have a layer of old polish, wax or ground in grime on them. Some of them may also be broken or be loose due to natural wear and tear. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to rip up your whole floor. There are restoration services that can provide both deep cleaning and repair at a fraction of the price.