bed decor

Simple Design Idea’s for Your Bedroom

Needing a change for your bedroom? We spend about one third of our lives in bed which means we spend that time typically in one room. The bedroom is the most private and personal room in a home and the décor can be as vibrant or minimalistic as you want. It gives you a chance to show your character through your individual style to create the look you truly desire. We have the best tips and decorating tricks to personalise your bedrooms design.

Pick the right Colours

Choosing the right colours for your bedroom can make a significant difference. The use of light colours can enhance the feeling of space whilst darker colours will make the area seem smaller than it is. Keep your walls and furnishings light, neutral colours to make your bedroom feel bigger.

Space Saving

If you have a smaller room it may be an idea to look into space saving ideas to give you enough space for your bedroom. Under bed storage is a great way to save space or if that is not an option look into storage containers that can fit underneath your bed. You can also visually expand your room by using mirrors.


For a simple but effective visual décor the key to a beautiful bed is layering. Use throws, bed runners, and extra pillows to give your bed space a glamorous make over. In addition, this will also make your bedroom look beyond cosy during the winter time. Over summer time you can just reduce the layers but still keep the fresh organised look.


You don’t need to go overboard with tons of pictures in your bedroom. Instead choose just one piece of artwork that you adore and works as a statement piece for your bedroom. This will add a little colour and character to your room whilst personalising it.

Stand out

Add a touch of drama to your bedroom. This is easy to do from a statement lamp shade to a Moroccan blanket draped across your bedding. You can experiment with clashing patterns from your bedding to your pillows for a quirky statement.

Floral Arrangements

You can subtly add floral arrangements across your bedroom from flowers on your bed stand, vanity or windowsill. This is a homely addition especially in the winter where a dose of greenery can give a fresh uplift to your bedroom.

Designated Work Space

Most people would suggest not having any work space in the bedroom as that can affect productivity and sleep patterns. However, there is nothing wrong with having a designated desk area set up far away from your bed.