Pallet Stacker Trucks

Pallet Stacker Trucks | The Equipment You Need In Your Warehouse

If you are in the industrial sector and own a warehouse, you will be sure to need a number of necessary pieces of equipment. Some stand out as being the most important.  Examples of this include warehouse steps, scissor lift platforms, pallet stacker trucks and workbenches. Some structural, and some functional, they are all necessary.

When looking into buying such pieces of equipment, you need to know a little bit more about their capabilities. We have laid out some of the best facts about each so that you can make an informed choice.

Warehouse Steps

Sometimes, you need steps in the warehouse that are flexible around your needs. They may need to be portable or they may need to be extendable. Luckily you can find warehouse steps that allow for both.

Most warehouse steps on the market are fitted with high safety rails along either side to ensure maximum safety for you and your staff.

From only a couple of treads, up to 16, they can be used for a variety of different tasks that are currently out of your reach.

Scissor Lift Platforms

Scissor lift platforms are great for when you need to raise heavy loads, or even people up to an extended height all while keeping them on a stable platform.

Scissor Lift Platforms are ideal if you are lifting capacities of between 150 and 1250 kg. You can get accessories and safety add-ons for all sorts of different scissor lift platforms.

Pallet Stacker Trucks

Pallet Stacker Trucks

Pallet stacker trucks are the perfect addition to a warehouse environment. They are a great alternative to a forklift, as they are specifically designed for the common pallet. They have small turning circles so allow you to work in smaller spaces than before.

Pallet stacker trucks can lift weights of up to 1000kg if they are electric. Manual stackers are quieter but carry smaller loads.


In busy work environments, it is important to section your workspaces to keep things organised. Workbenches provide the perfect answer to this while also providing storage space or working space.

Many workbenches provide extra add-ons that will make processes like packing far easier.

Pallet Stack Trucks

Where To Find Equipment For Your Warehouse

If you have made the decision to invest in new equipment then you need to find a reliable supplier. LLM Handling has the highest quality goods available. With many of their products adjustable to suit your needs, they can work with you and provide machinery that enhances your every day in the workshop. They have equipment just for organisational purposes as well as the heavy lifters. Visit their website if you would like to know more about any of their products.