How To Save On Your Energy Bills

Air Leaks

Sealing air leaks can help you save money on your energy bills, but you must know how to detect and fix them. To find leaks, you can use simple tools and inexpensive supplies to detect them yourself. Several items you can use to check for air leaks are: clean rags, rubbing alcohol, caulk gun, liquid spray foam, weatherstripping, and foam gaskets. You can also test the areas visually by burning incense or smelling them.

Lowering Thermostat

You can save hundreds of pounds per year on your energy bills by turning down the temperature in your home. While this will save you money during the cooler seasons, it can also reduce your heating bills. Many households keep their thermostats set higher than climate experts recommend, so even a slight reduction in heat can result in substantial savings.

Installing Programmable Thermostat

As gas prices rise, homeowners are looking for ways to cut their energy bills. Many green energy options are expensive and difficult to implement. However, a programmable thermostat is a convenient way to go green without breaking the bank.

Identify Energy Vampires

Do you have an appliance sucking up your electricity? The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has published a guide that identifies energy vampires. These devices drain up to 10 percent of your home’s electricity when they aren’t in use. These devices could be costing you hundreds of pounds each year!