Fezmangals Guide To Marketing

At fezmangal we specialise in blog posts as well as articles and in this guide we can provide you with any info you need to know about marketing and what our advice would be to improve your performance overall. Please use this guide as a reference if you are looking to improve your overall marketing performance online or offline

The Barebones of Marketing

Marketing is the practice of promoting a product or service to sell and there are hundreds if not thousands of ways in which you can market and sell a product effectively. However a lot of this can often rest on your budget , facilities , product or service you are selling and also how successful your business already has been overall.

One of the most basic principles of marketing is knowing your product or service. Being able to describe a product or service accurately is of great importance as typically when buying items people tend to go for items with the best descriptions and of course price/quality. Therefore in order to make your products or service stand out it is good practise to learn a lot about them and make clear the product’s and services advantages in any adverts that are shown.

In online selling this can be particularly advantageous as products with detailed descriptions are far more likely to sell well online. In addition to this ,good photography can also help items to sell well overall.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing in a wide variety of different ways. One of the most noteworthy things about digital marketing is data protection laws. Increasingly digital marketers need to be wary of data protection laws as they are changing in a number of countries across Europe.

Another factor to take note of when undertaking digital marketing is targeting a niche. Digital marketing can be extremely effective overall if you targeting a specific niche. For example if you target you tube videos as well online forums surrounding a specific niche e.g fidget spinners then you are far more likely to see results overall.

A key part of digital marketing which is a whole different sub category is search engine optimisation (SEO) This is the practice of optimising