Disposing Of Old Furniture & Rubbish

If you’re like most people, disposing of old furniture and unwanted rubbish is a daunting task. It’s heavy, awkward and difficult to move around your property.

But fortunately, there are ways to dispose of your unwanted furniture in an environmentally friendly manner. We’ve rounded up a few options below for you to consider.

Rubbish Collection

Many cities offer curb side or rubbish collection as a method of disposing of old furniture. This involves placing waste in large containers near the curb for pickup by larger waste management vehicles.

The service is typically provided to residential communities and is usually scheduled for the same day each week. It can be an efficient way of disposing of large amounts of household trash, but it should be noted that some communities have restrictions on bulk items or charge an additional fee for furniture disposal.

You can also privately hire a rubbish collection company to pick up your unwanted items for an affordable fee. They will attend with the right equipment specialised to your items to dispose of them safely and effectively. You can search for things like sofa removal to find the right company for you.


If you have a large piece of furniture you want to get rid of, you can dump it at your local landfill. But before you do, it is important to call ahead and make sure they will accept your type of furniture.

Landfills are waste disposal sites where trash is buried and compacted (crushed) into a mound. They are regulated by federal regulations and environmental protection laws to ensure they meet performance standards.

During an earthquake, landfills may experience soil liquefaction and become unstable. This could cause odours or rodent problems, so the top layer of trash is covered with soil to avoid these issues.

Roll=Off Dumpster

A roll-off dumpster is a great way to dispose of old furniture. Instead of having to lug it from your home to the curb, simply put it in a dumpster and call the company to pickup it.

These dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, and they can hold anywhere from 10 to 40 cubic yards of waste. This is a good size for small renovation projects and seasonal yard cleanouts.

They also are a great option for landscaping projects that involve ripping out decks, patios or fences. They make these clean-ups go more quickly and efficiently, saving you time.


Disposing of old furniture can be a tricky task. Often, furniture is made from multiple materials, including wood, plastics, metals, and fabrics.

Recycling is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to dispose of old furniture. It also helps to eliminate the need for waste disposal and reduces the number of raw materials needed to produce new items.