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Antique Watch Repair | Everything You Need to Know

Many people have a piece of a jewellery of great value. Whether that me monetary or sentimental. But what happens when you have a vintage watch in need of repair? Here’s everything you need to know about antique watch repair, including types of repair, postal repair services and helpful hints and tips.

Antique Watch Repairs and Restoration

Some watch repairers specialise in antique watch repair. Some of the brands that they cover include;

  • Accurist vintage watch repair
  • Bulova antique watch repair
  • Rolex vintage watch repair
  • Rotary antique watch repair service

The most common types of antique watch repair include;

  • Case refurbishment
  • Crown replacement
  • Dial restoration
  • Mechanical services
  • Quartz conversion
  • Pocket watch repair
  • Watch restoration
  • Wind up watch repair
  • Replace pocket watch crystals
  • Watch refurbishment
  • Glass replacement

Postal Repairs

Many companies these days offer to repair your watch by post. This makes it quicker and easier to get your watch sent away and could potentially see you getting your watch back much quicker and good as new. For some companies that is their whole business.


How Does It Work?

You can send your watch using a free and secure Royal Mail Tracked Returns service or through Special Delivery. This will help ensure that your watch is safe and protected.

There are various different ways to send your watch. You can choose whatever’s easiest for you or it may be best to ask the company you are planning on sending it to or the post office what is the most suitable if you are unsure.

The postal method will also depend on how much the antique watch is worth. You can either be sent a label by the repairs company. Royal Mail’s Tracked Returned Service will insure your watch for up to £100 and this method of postage is free. If your watch is more expensive, some watch repair companies will send you a Royal Mail Special Delivery postal pack free of charge, this will cover items up to £500.

Should you need to increase the insurance further you can you can go to the post office and increase it up to £10,000.

If your watch is especially rare, then some watch repair services will even arrange for a courier collection service to come and get your watch.

antique watch repair