Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging At Home

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers can get a lot of range added to their car by charging overnight at home. However, there are many things to consider before committing to installing EV chargers in your house.

The first is how expensive the installation will be. Then there’s the matter of whether you want to be able to use the equipment in the future.


With a home charging station you can reduce range anxiety and avoid having to pay for fuel at the gas pump. The cost of at-home EV charging in Glasgow depends on your electricity rates and how long you charge your car. To calculate how much an hour of charging costs, divide your car’s kilowatt-hours/100 miles rate by your electricity rates.

While EVs use less energy than gasoline-powered vehicles, they still draw high amounts of power from the grid. This can put a strain on your electrical system, and may even trip the breakers in older homes. That’s why it’s important to hire a licensed electrician to upgrade your outlet and install a new circuit to accommodate the charging load.


Many people want to charge their EV at home to avoid having to deal with the often limited availability and poor performance of public charging stations. Home charging provides reliable recharging overnight and allows the car to be fully charged without having to compete with others at public chargers or risk running out of battery power on the road.

A level 2 home EVSE can provide up to 7kW of charging power, which can fill a standard long-range EV to 80% or more in about 20 minutes. You can choose from wall-hung EVSEs that are permanently installed and “hard wired” into your home’s electrical system, or you can opt for portable units that simply plug into a 240-volt socket.


Many EV owners choose to charge their vehicles at home. This is more convenient than driving to a public charging station, especially for those who have long commutes. It also allows drivers to use lower electricity rates during off-peak hours.

Some EV chargers are smart, meaning they can be connected to the Internet and controllable via smartphone or voice commands. These are more expensive, but they offer added convenience and flexibility. Whether to purchase a smart EV charger is a personal decision for each driver.


Home charging offers multiple benefits for EV owners. For example, it can make it easier to drive longer distances because you can charge at your own convenience. It can also save you money by allowing you to charge your vehicle overnight when electricity prices are lower.

It is also more convenient than public charging stations. You can plug in your EV and leave it to charge while you’re working, shopping, or even sleeping. You can also set up a smart charger that allows you to schedule your charging times.